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Nightmares harass me?Can you help?

Nightmares harass me. Do you know why? Can you help me?
"Every night for the past seven nights I've had the same dream. It's a terrible nightmare. I awoke at exactly 2 a.m. with the thought that someone is going to kill me with a knife."
Those were the words of a Palestinian young man. You can read his very encouraging story in Chapter 2 of this e-book.
The end of the story was that after a single short prayer in the name of Jesus, this young man did not experience another nightmare.The wrong question is who prayed or what was the prayer.
The right question is: "In whose name and with whose power did those nightmares stop completely?"
To be sure, there is only one real answer:"THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST."
We do not hesitate to suggest: "Put this name to the test and see for yourself."
Please, without revealing your identity, feel free and secure to share your nightmare with us. The same Name that helped this Palestinian man is still as powerful as it has always been.
Put your trust in this name and sleep well. The Bible promises that "He gives His beloved sleep" and claim with King David before the whole universe that in Jesus' name "I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety."