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My moslem friend saw Jesus? Can I help?

If you are a Christian and you have Jesus in your life, let us tell you what his message is to you:
"You shall love your neighbor as yourself."  [Mark 12:31]
You can show your Moslem neighbor no more love than to avail yourself to be used by God in leading him to eternal salvation through  faith in Jesus Christ.
If your friend saw Jesus in a dream or a vision, he or she is VERY close to salvation. On one hand, Jesus is directly inviting him to God's kingdom and on the other hand your friend is seeking to know Jesus (the glorious visitor).
Please take the time to read this book for your own good and your friend's and e-mail us what you heard from him/her and his/her questions. . . if you do not know what to do or say. We will reply to you and be always a source of help if you decided to witness to this person.
You might also choose to introduce your friend to this website and tell him/her to write to us directly!