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Jesus Appears in Arabia

What is so staggering to me personally is that we were praying for the city of the Lord’s Visitation in an anointed prayer meeting on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem on February 19, 1994, the very day of the dramatic visitation! Because God had commanded me in a dream with the simple word “GO!” to visit that city, we were praying fervently for the finances to travel when the Arabian Visitation occurred.

My prayer partners and I were crying for the spirit of salvation to be released in that city! I did not know about our connection with these occurrences until my husband and I visited the city by faith, knowing nobody, except the Holy Spirit! But He is more than enough! When you know the Holy Spirit and are sent by him, you hold the key to any city on earth!

Upon our arrival, we asked some believers, “Where is the Holy Spirit moving in this city?” They told us about the Visitation of the Lord at the school, so we went there and became a part of that Revival, preaching and praying for the sick.

In the New Testament the Risen Lord Jesus appeared to many of the disciples simultaneously, and at another time, “he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once.” (1 Corinthians 15:6) However, throughout the history of the Church, corporate gatherings that have witnessed a bodily vision of the Resurrected Jesus have been especially outstanding, and it is also significant to current events. Fascinating testimonies of the Muslim children and how the Lord appeared to each of them simultaneously in the 1994 Arabian visitation have been carefully documented below. These children whose parents were expatriates represented many Muslim nations.


February 19, 1994 was the most wonderful day of my life. I was praying in the morning and I saw a gentleman just up in the sky. I got shocked but when he came closer to the ground, I saw him becoming three men, and I couldn't understand which was the real man. He just entered the classroom's window like a ghost. I was nearly about to faint but, in this man there was something different. When he saw me he was smiling. Then he was coming nearer and nearer. First I got scared so much, but this time my heart was not beating fast. It was filled with happiness. As he was walking the same thing happened--he was becoming three and again becoming one, again three and again one. Now I saw that he was holding a very old book in his hand. It had "H.B. King James Magnificent" on it.

This time was the most important time when he came and stood near me. I was very, very, very scared. But when I felt his soft hand touch across my head, it was like as if pure heaven waters was running across my body. Then he asked me for my wishes. First I thought of games and play and to enjoy the life. Then I thought once more. The final exam was coming closer. Then I told him my wishes without fear, that I wanted to pass the final exam. He touched my head and said, "It is done." I didn't want to blink my eyes even for a second because he was so beautiful that I wanted to look and look and look at him. But my teacher could not see him. We told her he was touching her head, but she did not know it. Later I passed the exam. Now when I am not scared of this man, he no more comes to see me, but only visits me in my prayer and dreams. If I need something, he gives it to me. I will never forget him in my life.


The date in which this strange thing happened was on 19.2.94. I saw a shot of golden light coming towards us. It became more and more bigger. At last I saw that it became a streak of light, and it came in the class and dashed on the walls. Then it came behind the class. Just then a man appeared with a long white dress. It was something like a kandura and had a green cloth on one side. He even wore old sandals. He was so tall that he almost touched the ceiling. He looked very handsome. He was very fair and had curly hair. He brought a book with letters H.B. He wore a golden bangle on his head. He was very beautiful. He went around the class and touched everybody's head. When he came near me, I got a nice smell of rose flowers. Teacher was very angry with our class because we made much noise. She did not see him, but we all saw him touch her on her head. When I went home I was thinking and thinking about this. I felt like fever. My parents asked me what had happened, and I told them. They too didn't believe me, like teacher. They took me to the mosque, and we met the mullah. I told him everything. He said that Issa Nabie [Jesus the Prophet] had visited us, and it is for good. So we were all happy. I know you feel it is hard to believe it, but whatever I saw is very true. He gave me all my wishes. He said, "It is done." I often think about this strange experience.


It was 19th February, 1994. We were praying usually, when something happened. We could see the window and to our surprise, we saw black clouds. Then a moment later a streak of light just passed through the window. It bounced off a wall and landed at the back of the class. We were astonished to see a man at the back of the class. He was a very tall man almost reaching to the top of the ceiling. He had fair, brown curly hair, and was wearing a long white dress with a green cloth. He was wearing old worn-out sandals with a big golden ring on top of his head. He was so strange, but so handsome. He had in his hand one old leather book with H.B. letters. He went around and touched everyone's head. Our teacher entered the class, and he touched her head also. The teacher was angry with us because we shouted, "Teacher, the man is touching you!" She did not know anything that was going on. As the prayer finished, he disappeared.


I was praying in class on 19 February 1994. It was a beautiful day, and suddenly dark clouds appeared in the sky and a streak of light came through the window and bounced on the walls several times and stopped. And I saw a man, very tall, touching the ceiling. He was very fair with brown curly hair touching his shoulders. He was wearing a white kandura with a green cloth. He was carrying an old book with a golden border with something like H.B. written on it. I saw a bangle on his head, and he asked us for three wishes. I told him my wish. I wanted to become first or second in the class. But I became fourth. I felt cold water running through my heart when he touched me. He touched Teacher, but she did not feel it. He disappeared as we finished the prayer.


We were praying in a classroom on 19th February. Our window was black. Actually, outside the window there were some black clouds. Then a streak of light dashed on the wall, and because of that streak of light, we could not see what it was. A boy in our class became momentarily blind. A man appeared from the streak of light. He was a tall man almost touching the ceiling. He was fair with brown curly hair. He wore a long white dress with a green cloth and old sandals. He had an old leather book with a gold border. H.B. was written on it. He went around touching our heads and asked for three wishes. I felt like cold water was flowing through my heart. We told our wishes. The man had a golden light on his head. He was looking very nice. I felt like I was in the air. He granted my wishes. He touched Teacher also. Teacher said she didn't know what we were saying to her. The man disappeared. Suddenly after the prayer finished, the boy who could not see could now see. This day is a very strange day that I will never forget.


We were praying in the morning on 19th February 1994. Then we saw dark clouds outside the window. Then it bounced on the window very slowly, and then it stood at the back of the class. We were still praying. My friend could not see him, and another could not talk. Then one friend turned back to see that everyone was praying. Then he saw three men becoming one. He came in front slowly, and he touched everyone's head and said, "What are the three wishes you want?" First I asked him for video games, and then I asked him to make me pass in the exam that was coming near. I got a higher position in the class for the first time. He wore a kandura and his hair was brown and curly, and it reached to the shoulder level. He had a round golden bangle, and he held the Holy Bible. He went and golden footsteps were on the ground. Then our prayer finished, and he disappeared. I told my parents, but they did not believe me at first, but after sometime they said, "It's a miracle."


It was 19th February 1994. We were praying. Suddenly, outside there was a black cloud with thunder. Then a streak of light, and it just passed through the window. The streak hit the walls at the back of the classroom, and it appeared to get the form of a man. Each and every step he took there below on the ground were silver sandal prints. He was very tall with curly hair. He wore a kandura and a green shawl. He looked very handsome. I felt as if he was a stranger. His sandals were worn out. I closed my eyes in terror. Suddenly, when I opened my eyes, I saw him near me. I was very afraid. My friend and I were leading the prayer. He had an old leather book with a gold border. He had a bangle above his head. Suddenly he touched me and asked me for three wishes. I saw him touching teacher and my friend, but only my friend saw him. Teacher could not see him or feel him. That time we were singing the song, "I am blessed." From this day started my luck.


In the morning of February 19th, 1994, during the morning prayer, I had a strange experience. I had prayed once before with my friends, but that morning when I was praying with my friends at 8:15 a.m. I heard someone talking to me. I could not open my eyes but I felt strange. I knew someone big was standing very close to me. I could feel it. He urged me to say in my prayer what I needed. At first I thought, who is this guy, what does he want? But he had a strong voice, and I obeyed. As I had asked, a day later, my brother was born and in that trimester exam (III Trimester), I got the first place. My friends said that they saw him. They also said to me that he talked to almost everyone. The visitor was different from all others. Something was special about him. I felt so very happy. It was a memorable day, and I can't forget this incident, most of all the visitor, because my wishes were said in the prayer, and they came true. I think he is a saint.


That was the most wonderful day in my life. We were praying on 19.2.94. I saw dark clouds outside the window. Suddenly I saw a streak of light enter our class through our window. The streak of light passed through the eyes of my friend. The streak hit the blackboard and went at the back of the class. I was the first one to see him. I was too afraid and turned my face away. My friend tried to ask me what I was doing? But I couldn't answer. The stranger was very handsome and tall. He had a white robe and a green coat over him and had a gold circle on his head. He had a book which was old and asked our wishes. He said our wishes were granted. Even he touched our teacher's head and asked her wishes. When he touched mine, I felt cold water flowing through my heart. Each step he took there was a golden light on the floor. After we finished our prayer, we couldn't find him. I wish to see him again.


Our class was praying during the month of February. It was Ramadan. The date was 19th. Soon we saw dark clouds and from the window a flash of light came and banged the wall. A man appeared from the clouds. The man was tall--touching the ceiling, and he was fair. He had curly hair. The colour of his hair was brown. He had a piece of green cloth on his shoulder. He was wearing a white kandura. He kept an old book in his hand. It had a leather cover with a gold border with H.B., and there was also a King's name on it. A golden bangle was on his head. He was handsome and beautiful. He came around and asked us three wishes. I felt like ice water falling on me when he touched me. There was a flower smell in the class. I told him my wishes, and they were granted. I told him to bless my parents, brothers and friends. He touched our teacher. We shouted, "Teacher, the man is touching you," but she asked, “What man?” She didn't see him. After the prayer was finished, we didn't see him.

Comments on the Manifestation Of Our Lord Jesus Christ on February 19, 1994

By Mrs. George, Headmistress

This book contains the details of a very powerful and mighty vision. This vision has opened in a keen way the inward eye of our faith, that is the faith of more than a hundred teachers who are working in an institution brooded over by God's glory in a city of the Arabian Peninsula. It has now led to a new ministry "VIVIT, VIVIT" (which in Latin means, "HE IS ALIVE! HE IS ALIVE!”).

Yes, now we are excited! For deep down in our heart, our faith is firmly rooted, and we now know for sure that the mighty name of Jesus is not a mere name in history. He is not the man that was. Jesus is not just the landmark of time as history honors Him by the use of A.D. (Anno Domino) or B.C. (Before Christ) but He is the God that WAS, that IS, and that WILL BE. He is alive. Yes, He rose from the dead, and His mighty presence is with us, so close that we can hear His heartbeat of abundant love and concern. We can sense His love and feel the warm vibration of His eternal love.

We teachers are all touched by the power of this mighty vision, so blessedly given unto 21 innocent 10-year-old Muslim children. Ever since, our lives have been changed. We no longer mess our lives with the temporary passing desires of this world: WE WANT, WE DESIRE, WE THIRST now only for one thing in our life--OUR LORD. We seek Him continuously; we read the Bible, and the Holy Book we teachers knew from our childhood.

But now it gives a new vision, a new anointing, and a new wisdom to know Him better, to love Him better, and to serve Him better. We want to avoid all sinful habits, for we dare not grieve our divine Holy Lord. We do not want to be separated from Him, for now we know the danger of this separation causes oppression by the evil one.

Has Jesus been the man of the past as history declares? Is the Bible you have seen all your life just like any other book you have seen and read? No! No, dear friend. If this divine vision that appeared in our school has changed so positively our lives, your faith can also grow, and you shall spread as the mighty branches of the true vine that Jesus is.

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