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Signs and Wonders in Jordan and Iraq

In the former “no-fly” zone of Iraq, two Muslim leaders experienced independent visions in which they both saw the risen Son of God. He appeared before them in glory, declaring that He is Jesus and that they were to seek the Truth. Overcome by His presence, they both fell to their knees in awe and worship.

Days later, in separate locations, the two Muslim clerics were given the opportunity to watch the “Jesus” film on video. The actor who portrays Jesus resembled the man they had seen in their vision. Both clerics prayed, gave their lives to the Lord and days later “happened” to meet one another. They now lead a group of 17 other new believers who have all experienced a vision of the risen Christ. (Source: the “Jesus” Film Project). These are not isolated instances. There have been other reports on numerous occasions.

The Holy Spirit is hovering over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in a special way. There is an open heaven of revelation every time we are privileged to visit Jordan. Our ministry team conducted a remarkable bold Jericho March in 1999 in Jordan accompanied by signs and wonders in the North, where Jesus cast out the Legion from the demonized man, and in the south in Petra. We will see Revival break out in Jordan sooner rather than later. Many of the signs and wonders in the Arab world sprung from a Revival in the Holy Land in Trans-Jordan in 1933.

In neighboring Iraq, the Spirit of God is moving mightily as He is preparing to fulfill the Messianic period of universal peace mentioned in Isaiah 19: 23- 25, when Assyria (Iraq) will become “the work of my hands.” A highway of holiness will stretch from Egypt through Israel all the way to Iraq, and all borders will be open as all the peoples of the Middle East worship the LORD of Hosts!

There are many reasons why Iraq is important to God and why His Spirit is moving there through visions and dreams at this time. After all, the Garden of Eden was located in what today is Iraq and Mesopotamia. Iraq was the cradle of civilization. The patriarch Abraham hailed from Ur of the Chaldeans, which was located in modern Iraq, and Noah built his famous ark in Iraq. The Tower of Babel was also located there. The patriarch Jacob returned to his forebear’s roots in Iraq to find his wife Rachel. And, of course, the most famous rebellious preacher, Jonah, was commissioned by God to preach a Revival in Nineveh, which was located in northern Iraq (today Nineveh is called Mosul.)

Assyria (Iraq) conquered the ten tribes of Israel. Babylon, which today is still a province of Iraq, destroyed Jerusalem under the leadership of the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Other famous Bible incidents occurred in Iraq: three Hebrews who eschewed idol worship were thrown into a fiery furnace, but survived because of a Christophany in Iraq (an appearance of Jesus as the fourth person in the fire). The prophet Daniel survived persecution in the lions’ den; Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar received dreams concerning the history of the world, and Daniel interpreted them; Babylonian King Belshazzar beheld terrifying supernatural “writing on the wall” from the hand of God; and the prophet Ezekiel received outstanding visions concerning important spiritual realities and prophecies while he was a captive in Iraq. In the New Testament, we discover that wise men traveled from Iraq to find the baby Jesus, and the Apostle Peter preached in Iraq. The following email has been sent around the world:

“Israel is the nation most often mentioned in the Bible. But do you know which nation is second? It is Iraq! However, that is not the name that is used in the Bible. The names used in the Bible are Assyria, Babylon, Land of Shinar and Mesopotamia. The word ‘Mesopotamia’ means ‘between the two rivers,’ more exactly between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The name ‘Iraq’ means country with deep roots. Indeed Iraq is a country with deep roots and is a very significant country in the Bible. Here’s why:

Eden was in Iraq--Genesis 2:10-14

Adam and Eve were created in Iraq--Genesis 2:7-8 Satan made his first recorded appearance in Iraq--Genesis 3:1-6 Nimrod established Babylon and the Tower of Babel was built in Iraq— Genesis 10:8-9 & 11:1-4

The confusion of the languages took place in Iraq—Genesis 11:5-11 Abraham came from a city in Iraq--Genesis 11:31 & Acts 7:2-4 Isaac's bride came from Iraq--Genesis 24:3-4,10 Jacob spent 20 years in Iraq--Genesis 27:43-45 & 31:38 The first world Empire was in Iraq--Daniel 1:1-2 & 2:36-38 The greatest revival in history was in a city in Iraq--Jonah 3 The book of Nahum was a prophecy against a city in Iraq--Nahum The book of Revelation contains prophecies against Babylon, which was the old name for the nation of Iraq--Revelation 17 &18 No other nation, except Israel, has more history and prophecy associated with it than Iraq.”

Likewise, because the present-day Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is part of the original Holy Land of God, I believe it is especially open to the Gospel and to new visitations of the Holy Spirit. Our ministry’s visit to the rock-hewn city of Petra was one of the most supernatural events we have ever experienced as a team. The Holy Spirit met us there with awesome intercessory travail as well as End-Time visions of the Jewish people fleeing to Petra. The late King Hussein was often seen in visions and dreams of various Arabic believers as one who was a friend of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Throughout many cultures of the East, Africa and the Mideast, the ability to conceive children is extremely important. Barren couples have received prayer to conceive children in our Gospel reconciliation outreaches, and they have reported joyously the births of healthy children as a result of believing prayer in the Name of Jesus.

In our ministry outreaches we often distribute the videos and DVDs of the “Miracles” documentaries filmed in Jordan by CBN TV that carefully recount many modern miracles in this Holy Land. Among these miracles is the report of a Jordanian man with a withered arm who was healed in a dream by Jesus. Nobody was more surprised than the handicapped man when he awakened to see that the dream had already become reality! He ran excitedly throughout Amman showing everybody that Jesus is alive, and that He still heals today!

One of the “Miracles” documentaries produced by CBN that we also distribute in our outreaches documents the true story of a barren woman desperate for children who received from Jesus the miraculous ability to conceive. Today she is a happy mother and homemaker.

Childless Iraqi Woman Conceives

In neighboring Iraq, another childless woman known to the author was increasingly saddened as the months and years passed without bearing her husband any children. But one night, to her surprise and amazement, she saw a vision of Jesus. She was momentarily frightened by such an unexpected visitation. Rays of light emanated from His compassionate face. Jesus stared down peacefully at her. From that time onwards, she felt she had received power to conceive children. Her womb was healed, and she gave birth to her firstborn son. Happily, other children followed.

Jesus Heals Abused Iraqi Woman

The author has met many tragically abused women in the Middle East who have received comfort from the loving Risen Savior! We shall recount here the story of an Iraqi woman whom I’ll call Muna and whose story is known personally to the author:

“I was one of six daughters in Iraq. My father never loved me; he hated all of us sisters. He had always hoped that every daughter who was born to him would be a boy. When he was told that we were girls, he called us goats.

“He never hugged or kissed me. I never heard from my father the words ‘I love you.’ We sisters and my Mother suffered much physical abuse from my father. Later, I became a true believer in Jesus, whom I saw in dreams, and I wanted the joy of dancing in the Spirit as many Christian believers do, but my feet were frozen to the ground as if they were set in concrete. This is because of the hate-filled words of my father. He would enjoy Egyptian [belly] dancers on TV, but afterwards he would say, ‘All of these women should have their legs broken.’ So I was afraid of expressing myself in worship by dancing in the Spirit. I could hear the worlds of my father that my legs should be broken!”

Muna experienced a night vision of Jesus in which He gazed at her comfortingly and extended His hands to her in a gesture of warmth and healing. But she was unable to reciprocate affection in the dream, because of the pain and inhibitions in her heart that had been reinforced through the years of living under the roof of a tyrannical father. Muna rejected the comforting advances of Jesus in the dream, so He left her sorrowfully and walked past her down the stairs. But she followed Him in the dream in their house in Baghdad and saw Jesus enter her father’s room to hold an important discussion. Muna tentatively walked down the stairs in the dream and saw light streaming under the door of the Visitor’s room. Jesus corrected and rebuked her father’s actions. Suddenly, Muna opened the door, and to her surprise, she saw a portrait of Jesus hanging on the wall, as if He was an honored family member, and in which He resembled a Theophany of God the Father.

After this dream, Muna received the power to forgive her Father. She also received through the Spirit of God the ability to embrace an elderly, fatherly minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to be healed and delivered from an inordinate fear of the opposite sex. At a Gospel convention many years later in America, this Iraqi woman received the power from Jesus to dance reverently in the Spirit in public and to bring great glory to the Heavenly Father. As led by the Holy Spirit, she was also empowered to weep with an Israeli Messianic brother as they forgave each other publicly for the hatred and bitterness that threaten to destroy their region.

Believers Have a ‘Direct Line’

When normal methods of communication fail, we can still make contact with members of the Body of Christ via the Throne of God! During the most recent war in Iraq, it was not possible to write or to telephone our ministry contact in Baghdad. We did not know if he and his family were safe. But one night my British ministry associate Shirley Hughes experienced a dream in which our Baghdad brother said, “Don’t worry, Shirley, I am safe.” We are now in direct contact with him via the Internet.

Journal of Signs and Wonders

After much searching, through the hands of a pastor in the Galilee, we obtained a copy of the typewritten, mimeographed journal, “Signs and Wonders in Rabbath-Ammon, an Account of Divine Visitations in Amman, Trans-Jordan” which was first published in 1933. I also subsequently met upon three occasions with the remarkable niece of the prophetess involved in these extraordinary events, and my dear friend has verified the validity of the accounts.

The prophet Amos in the Bible declared that the Lord will do nothing but that he first reveals his intentions to his servants the prophets. That means, if the Church is listening to the Spirit of God, we will surely know things to come.

Through a series of signs and prophetic utterances, the Lord spoke in 1933 concerning the upheaval that would soon enfold the region. The Jordanian prophetess also predicted the return of the Jewish people and of many Last Days warnings through songs and messages of tongues in known languages—Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, Turkish, German, French. The interpretation of those tongues was rendered in Arabic.

Additionally, there were visible signs of a Dove “painted” in blood by a Hand from Heaven onto the forehead of the Christian woman, Hanneh Kawar. Pilgrims from all over Trans-Jordan witnessed these signs and traveled to hear the prophetic utterances that accompanied the signs.

The journal noted, “Some word of explanation was probably needful of the salient features in the phenomena. This is all the more necessary as the fact of the supernatural in Christianity seems to have been overlooked, or to have been relegated to the bygone days of Apostolic Christianity or Hebrew history, if not altogether explained away by a rationalistic interpretation of Scripture.

“If such a manifestation stands the test of Scripture, then it becomes a Divine Voice to a generation plunged in materialism and infidelity.”

The reader was exhorted to note that the sign, which appeared on the forehead of the Arab Christian woman, was blood-like. Those who are familiar with the Holy Scriptures may recognize this significance. But by way of explanation, we quote one of the prophetic messages that explained the sign: “O foolish soul, I have wrought this sign that thou mightest understand that as there is no life without blood, so there is no salvation without blood.” To this must be added the testimony of Scripture, Hebrews 9:22, “Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins.” 1 John 1:7 also states, “The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanseth us from all sin.”

Secondly, on the four occasions of the blood sign, it always took the shape of a dove. A prophetic message that accompanied the sign gave this interpretation: “The Spirit moveth around as a dove and settleth on the head of the true believer.” Scripture says, speaking of Christ’s anointing by the Spirit in Luke 3:22, “And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon Him.

The sign of the Dove shaped in blood was therefore emblematic of the saving Blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the Seal of every true believer. Ephesians 1:13 states, “In whom also, after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise.

Please note that the sign on Hanneh Kawar’s forehead was an antithesis of the soon-coming 666 mark of the Beast, the symbol of the Anti-Christ described in the Book of Revelation. This Jordanian sign and wonder therefore recalled the sealing of God’s servants on their foreheads in Ezekiel 9:4:

“And he called to the man clothed with linen, which had the writer's inkhorn by his side; And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.”

In my interviews with Mrs. Kawar’s relative, I was told that the prophetess possessed a remarkable gift of the Word of Knowledge. Often the Holy Spirit would send her on a mission. She would be given the exact address of some soul who was in deep distress, and she would arrive on the scene just in time to bring a pertinent word from the Lord. Also one of my dear friends, a statesman evangelist from Jordan, has testified to me personally of the woman’s virtue and true faith in Jesus and that she in no way promoted an aberrant Christian cult or sect. A seasoned man of God who served a lifetime of Gospel preaching in Jordan was not only an eyewitness of the signs, but he also helped to document them.

One of the most outstanding features of the phenomena in Trans- Jordan was the speaking in recognizable languages unknown by the speaker, and in some cases understood by those who were listening, as on the Day of Pentecost. Indeed, when the Holy Spirit was outpoured in Jerusalem, 120 believers began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. (Acts. 2:4)

Why a Woman as God’s Instrument?

Some will naturally ask, especially in the male-oriented Middle East, if this sign and wonder was from Heaven, why was it placed upon a woman rather than a man? And why was a woman used to prophesy, especially as Arabic society is overwhelmingly patriarchal? Perhaps the answer is found in Joel’s great prophecy, which was quoted by the Apostle Peter in connection with the outpouring of the Spirit with signs and wonders on the Day of Pentecost. Acts 2: 17, “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh,and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.

Like it or not, in other words, female preachers are destined to be a peculiar characteristic of the End Times!

One of the most outstanding and repetitive signs was that the phenomena often occurred at Midnight. Was the Lord emphasizing the Midnight Hour when He will suddenly return as a thief in the night? The parable of the wise and foolish virgins climaxes with, “At midnight, behold, the cry rang out, ‘the Bridegroom cometh!‘ ” (Matthew 25: 6)

Highlights From Journal of Signs and Wonders

As accounts of these signs were published in various Arabic newspapers, great interest was stirred not only locally but also in the Arabic-speaking world. Many Arabic pamphlets were written from a translation of the family journal.

On the night of January 3, 1933, close to midnight, the Kawar family was amazed to discover blood on the Mother’s forehead resembling a dove with outstretched wings, covering her entire forehead but without touching her hair. When they asked what happened, the Mother replied, ‘While I was asleep, suddenly... there appeared a Person clothed in light whose face shone as the sun, and He said in an audible voice: ‘There shall come to pass great tribulation; fear ye not; the Lord is with you.’ ”

The family trembled and sensed a supernatural presence. They began to praise God as their hearts were filled with a wonderful joy until 2:30 a.m., when curious neighbors arrived. Soon the news had spread and crowds of people came to see the sign. Fear and awe struck the faces of the majority, and they praised God for His work. Hundreds came to witness the sign until the next evening.

“On Thursday, the 5th of January,” wrote the elder son, “many crowds came and witnessed the blood which remained absolutely clear, nor did we wipe it off, as we said that it had been placed by the Lord and should not be wiped off, for there might be a purpose in it. So it remained the whole of the 6th, but it became drier. A sister in charge of a hospital, an English lady, after examining the blood, said that she could not explain the presence of the blood in this form by any natural cause. A clergyman, who came especially, gave us his testimony that this event had a profound influence upon him. Many were profoundly stirred and resolved to repent and to lead a new and upright life.”

A Voice Said, ‘Fear Not’

On another occasion at 2 a.m. the family was awakened again at the startled voice of Mrs. Kawar, who exclaimed, “While I was sleeping, suddenly I felt a hand pass over my forehead. Then I opened my eyes and clearly saw a hand removing the blood. At this I became afraid, when I heard a clear voice saying. ‘Fear not.’”

On successive nights Mrs. Kawar began to sing in languages recognized to be German, French, Hebrew and Greek. Here is part of one of the messages:

“. . . Rejoice and be glad O daughter of Zion for thy king cometh, Behold I come quickly. Behold ye are in the last days.
For everything is accomplished, and all kindreds of the earth shall mourn over Him.
And all believers are guarded in the everlasting arms.
And all who have believed are saved, and all who have rejected Him will be punished forever.
Ye shall behold the works of the Lord.
Be zealous for the gifts.
Be zealous for the work.
Behold I come quickly.
Let not your faith be shaken.
And all those who are prepared shall enter.
And all the scoffers shall be cast out and the door shall be shut.
Come, Lord Jesus”

Second Occurrence of Blood Sign

“On the night of January 16th, . . . .about 4 a.m. my mother began to sing in the Spirit while asleep. . . My sister said that while she was looking at her mother’s face, she had seen the blood placed quickly on her forehead from right to left, assuming the shape of a dove with outspread wings. All this took place while my mother was sleeping and did not know that the sign had been placed a second time.”

The blood remained clear and plain to the sight for two days. Crowds again thronged to witness the sign. Among these, an elder of the Evangelical Congregation in Es-Salt came to see the sign. He wiped a little of the blood with the end of his handkerchief, and the blood marked his handkerchief exactly as if ordinary blood had been wiped from the skin. About midnight, two nights later, Mrs. Kawar was conscious in her sleep that the same hand had removed the sign from her forehead.

On the night of January 25, Mrs. Kawar spoke this startling prophecy in light of today’s decline and perversity in the West:

“Were it not for my people I would have destroyed the inhabited earth.
“Woe, woe to those who have stood in the way of my people!
The Lord knoweth them all.
Kings pass away; all things pass away; and God the Judge abideth forever,
Woe, woe to the world!
Soon shall the cord be servered and the earth shall fall.
The wicked taketh his pleasure and the poor dieth.
The Spirit knoweth everything.
God is beholding and the Judge is nigh.
No one condemneth you (or) Let no one condemn you.. . .
My people shall return and all things shall be restored.
Woe to those who stand in the way of my people!
The Spirit of Truth bears witness.
The North and the South shall meet; the True (or Truth) shall arbitrate; the Lord shall judge.
The West shall be brought to an end (or shall be perverse) and the East shall groan [or the West is perverse and the East groaneth.]
Woe to you, O perverse ones,”
The Lord shall judge.

Third Sign, A Standing Dove

“At midnight on January 29, we awoke to the sound of my mother’s singing, while sleeping, and when we looked at her forehead, we saw the sign of blood in the shape of a standing dove placed upon her forehead.”

Mrs. Kawar spoke various languages by the Spirit and translated into Arabic:

. . . Everything the Spirit saith shall be accomplished.
My people shall soon be gathered and shall come.
Blessed be mine own (people)—every one of them.
. . .The Church shall be gathered and the tares removed.
The Spirit of Truth (of the True One) witnesseth and shall accomplish.
I will not be silent but will speak and my heart shall commune.
Yea, yea, there shall be greater than this and many souls shall be added.
How many men witnessed (saw) and have not borne witness.
Every hard thing shall be solved by Him. I will go and meet the Spirit. Many shall speak by the Spirit and the dross shall be removed.
Ye shall behold a great revival.
And the little Zion shall be here [in Amman].”

After 4 a.m., the family was awakened to the sound of Mrs. Kawar’s singing, and they saw that the sign had been completely removed.

Fourth Appearance of Dove Sign

“. . . . This sign remained four hours; then it was supernaturally removed entirely. At 4 a.m. when the sign was removed. . . . after speaking in the German tongue, she interpreted in metrical Arabic the following hymn:”

O ye sinners come to deliverance.
Rejoice and be glad in His word.
Crying, The Glory to thee we now shall give, Hallelujah. Woe.
Woe to those who hinder the people from the way of salvation!
Warn, warn every one who cometh in touch with you.
“There are three kinds of salvation: a sudden kind, and a salvation by gradual stages and a final salvation.
(Three stages: justification, sanctification, redemption of body).
Scoff not, O man, at the Spirit of God.
Break and be humbled before the Creator.
Ponder, O believer, that thou shalt see with thine eyes the recompense of the wicked; and those who were scoffing at thee; so trust, and never be discouraged.
Rejoice, O thou who hast toiled for Me, and they whose soul has been abased, and they whose heart has been wearied; thou shalt wear a crown of glory and thy strength shall be manifested in a strange marvel.. . . .

During another three-month period, Mrs. Kawar received many long and beautiful prophecies of warnings of future hardships and exhortations to the Church. As these fiery words were circulated in pamphlets, a Revival was stirred:

“. . . . I chose many from amongst you, I chose many individuals. But ye have not obeyed my words. So I warn you now, I warn you again to return, to approach unto Me joyfully, and, lo, I will receive you. I will send forth of My Spirit upon you to arouse your dead consciences.. . . I separated you from the world, and ye have departed afar off; I separated you unto the ministry and ye paid no heed. Give ye now listening ears to the Spirit who speaketh amongst you, give ye awe and reverence to God the Possessor of the entire world. . . .I have now been of longsuffering patience towards you (literally in Arabic, I have prolonged My spirit) that ye might return unto Me, and ye have heeded not. These are now the Last Days and I will pour out of My Spirit upon every one who hath returned unto me, and I will manifest wondrous works amongst you. Be glad and rejoice, O you whose hearts have cleaved unto Me, O ye who have loved, who have obeyed my commands. Show ye now love one to another as I have loved you to the end, unto death.. . Israel shall soon return and the land shall be built up (or populated).
Despair thou not neither grow thou faint for I the Lord am thy Keeper. Give thou glory to the Father and honour to the Son and reverence to the Holy Spirit.
Oft have I spoken in your midst and ye have heeded not, O ye of little faith. Hearken ye now unto My words and understand: behold I come shortly; heaven and earth quiver with joy. . . .”

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