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Chapter 6

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Glory in Egypt

“The burden of Egypt. Behold the LORD rideth upon a swift cloud and shall come into Egypt. . . . for they shall cry unto the LORD because of the oppressors and he shall send them a saviour, and a great one, and he shall deliver them. And the LORD shall be known to Egypt and the Egyptians shall know the LORD. . . . In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and. . . Israel shall be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land: Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance.” (Selected verses from Isaiah Chapter 19)

The Lord’s glory cloud will descend swiftly into Egypt. He has already sent the Savior, a mighty one, Jesus the Redeemer of Egypt. As a young refugee in Egypt with His parents, who fled from the tyrant King Herod, it is likely that Jesus took His first steps in Egypt. By His footsteps, He claimed the jewel of Africa for His Kingdom long ago.

Providentially, the Lord will increasingly make himself known to Egypt, and the Egyptians will increasingly receive personal, saving knowledge of the Lord. He promises to smite and then to heal Egypt, and they will return to the LORD, who is YHWH, the King of the Universe.

A highway of peace and prosperity will stretch from Egypt through Israel to Iraq and these nations, according to the Amplified Bible’s rendition of Isaiah 19: 25, will be incorporated into a “Messianic League“ of religious and financial prosperity that will bless the entire world. “Egypt my people, Assyria the work of my hands and Israel my inheritance” are three countries that are scripturally promised national salvation and “most favored nation” status in the kingdom of God! These traditional enemies will ultimately find unity, not in politics, but in the Messiah!

Our ministry teams for a number of years have been traversing this “Isaiah 19” highway to prepare the way of the Lord. He has imparted strategies and a “heavenly pattern” to organize bold open-air meetings in Egypt, Israel and Iraq. As we have preached and distributed Bibles and Jesus videos, we have blown the trumpet of the Lord from Cairo to Baghdad! Truly, the Messiah Yeshua is coming soon to take the reins of this volatile region, and He will possess a Biblical rod of iron to command all nations to live in peace. He will dispense justice to the Palestinians and to all the oppressed peoples of the Middle East as well as the entire world! Every corrupt leader and every tyrant will be judged.

Gospel Tent at the Pyramids

One of the greatest ministry doors the Lord has opened to date for our Exploits Ministry was to pitch the first Gospel tent at the Pyramids in 2001 with official approval of the Egyptian government! As many as 50 Muslims prayed with us as my interpreter and I preached a strong Gospel message at a banquet in our white peace tent. Because the event was surrounded with heavy security and police, we were not free to call these Egyptians forward publicly. Nevertheless they later testified to my husband and myself and to other team members that they had prayed in the tent service to receive Jesus.

“Why am I shaking all over?” said one of the Muslim attendants to my husband at the tent event. “Because,” he explained, “the Holy Spirit is upon you to confirm that Jesus is in your heart.”

The tent was birthed in a vision the author had experienced during an earlier ministry trip to Cairo. While deep in agonizing prayer for the souls in the Middle East, I suddenly saw myself enlarging the stakes of a white “Tabernacle of David” at the Pyramids. I had already been speaking to some Egyptian pastors about sponsoring an open-air meeting, but they did not want to take that chance and had invited me instead to hold an event on a “safe” ministry compound behind walls and gates.

But in the vision, Jesus strengthened my hands as I drove the tent stakes into the Egyptian sand. Then He looked into my eyes sternly as if to say, “I want no foolishness from you. Get me this tent!” However, the only word He actually spoke to me in the vision was, “obsequiousness.” (The Lord sometimes speaks economically in dreams and visions with words beyond my vocabulary. I must find them in a dictionary to fully understand the dreams.)

I couldn’t wait to visit a bookstore at the airport to look up “obsequiousness,” meaning “excessively eager to please, fawning, groveling, men-pleasing.” Jesus was therefore commanding me not to be a man-pleaser! He showed me how to receive permission for the Gospel tent. That evening as we drove to the tabernacle in the shadow of the Great Pyramid, the beautiful tent was like a dream, a mirage in the desert, but it was reality! With God all things are possible! Egyptian horsemen greeted us, blowing long silver trumpets. One of the most anointed Gospel groups in the Middle East provided worship songs.

An internationally known preacher had opined that the date of the Pyramids tent event “was a trap.” This was a test for me to pass—either to listen to her, or to go ahead with the guidance I had already received from the Lord. The event was held the day before riots broke out in Cairo, and if we had staged the tent event 24 hours later, hardly any Egyptian would have attended because of fear and security measures.

A great woman in Cairo, a Coptic Christian filled with the Holy Spirit, helped us to organize the first Gospel tent at the Pyramids. She wrote the following Christmas greeting concerning other supernatural phenomena occurring in this Bible land:

“God is working mighty signs and wonders in Egypt. In the town of Assiyout, one of the towns where Jesus lived as a baby while in Egypt, there are heavenly brilliant lights appearing on top of the church of St. Mark in the darkness of the night. [St. Mark was the apostle to Egypt.] In addition there appear Holy Ghost doves in bright florescent-like light flying high in the sky. I had the privilege to go and see for myself. Hundreds of thousands of people of all faiths flock every night to see these signs since August 17th. It was announced in a BBC broadcast from London on September 6. Many are miraculously healed. God is telling His people in Egypt that in spite of much tribulation, He will never leave us or forsake us.

“It is also a power encounter. If you will recall recent events in the news, in this town there was much violence against God’s people by Islamic fanatics. Today people of all faiths come. . . even the police is helping to organize the visits. Many will never believe except when they see signs and wonders.

“God revealed to me His special plan for Egypt. Like in the days of old the people of Israel came to Egypt to seek bread during the time of Joseph, so God is putting a famine in the Middle East, according to Amos 8: 13, “not a famine for bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the word of God.” Isaiah 19:20 says, “He shall send them a Savior, a great one, and he shall deliver them.” The Savior like Joseph is a picture of Jesus and His body, the true Church. Like Joseph, who was filled with the spirit of God and His wisdom, so will be the Church, and as a result there will be an exchange of authority from Pharaoh, the god of this world, to the Church. In Genesis 41:4, “Pharaoh took his (signet) ring from his hand and put it in Joseph’s hand.” So Egypt will again feed the other countries with the Bread of life. Isaiah 19:23 foresees a highway out of Egypt to Assyria and Israel. That is why God says, “Blessed be Egypt my people.” So please pray for Revival in Egypt.”

According to many independent sources in Egypt, a number of believers in Jesus from a Muslim background have come to faith through supernatural, unconventional means. One Egyptian Muslim was reading the Injil (Gospel) when he came to Luke 3, describing the descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove onto Jesus. And God said, “This is my son in whom I am well pleased.” As the Muslim read those words, a stormy wind broke into his room and a voice spoke to him, “I am Jesus Christ, whom you hate. I am the LORD whom you are looking for.” A spirit of weeping fell upon the Egyptian, and Jesus entered into his heart from that moment.

Faith to Move Mountains

Egypt has always been associated with supernatural signs and wonders. It was in the land of Egypt that some of the most awesome Bible signs were wrought under the rod of Moses. Egyptians hunger for the supernatural, and one of the greatest miracles in the Middle-Eastern church was purportedly accomplished in Egypt. Many Egyptian Christians (and some Muslims as well) believe the following account to be historical fact:

According to Coptic sayings, the 10th Century Fatimid Caliph Al Muizz, an enlightened man, often invited religious leaders to debate in his presence.

In one of those meetings Pope Abram, the spiritual leader of the orthodox Egyptian Christians, debated an adversary named Jacob Ibn Killis. The Coptic Pope waxed eloquent in the debate. Plotting to take revenge, Ibn Killis quoted the New Testament verse in which Jesus declared, "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you." (Matthew 17:20)

The Caliph demanded that the Coptic Pope demonstrate the veracity of his faith by means of moving the Mokattam Mountain. (The Caliph saw a practical opportunity to remove the Mokattam, which was spoiling his view. At the same time, if the Copts proved powerless, it would signify that the Christian religion was false, and they could be destroyed.)

And so, taking the Biblical pattern found in the Book of Esther, after three days of earnest prayer and fasting by Christians throughout the land of Egypt, a simple shoemaker named Simon was chosen for his humility and faith to command the mountain to move. At that time, the Coptic Christians were engaged in handicrafts for livelihood. Simon worked in one of the crafts widespread in Old Cairo—tanning, which is a craft still known in the bazaars to make shoes and leather goods.

Simon simply believed that mountains could literally be moved, just as the Bible says! Under his faith commands, a great earthquake swept over the mountain. Each time the people stood up to worship, the mountain was thrust upwards, and the sun could be seen shining underneath it. When the people sat down, the mountain thrust down. This was repeated three times, and because of this miracle, the mountain was moved and the Christian community was saved.

Simon was never seen again. It was popularly believed that he disappeared to avoid receiving any glory or credit for the miracle. Today in Egypt he is beloved by Christians and many Muslims as Saint Simon the Tanner--St. Sama'an, in Arabic--and a monastery was dedicated to Simon nearly a thousand years after his mountain-moving miracle.

The monastery and a beautiful cave cathedral lie behind the Zabbalin village of garbage collectors. This village was established in 1969 when Cairo garbage collectors, many of whom are cultural Christians, were moved to one of the hills of the miracle Mokattam Mountain.

At the far end of the “garbage” village, awaits an unexpected, stunning place; a vast open space lying in the bosom of the hills, with dramatic colored carvings by a Polish artist decorating the miracle mountain. The artwork presents stories from the Bible such as the Holy Family’s journey to Egypt. The main Cathedral is named after St. Simon to commemorate the transfer of Mokattam Mountain in November 979. The power of God is said to be moving there. The believers in Egypt are crying out to God for major miracles to happen again in their land, and so the following report should not be surprising!

A Great Modern Sign and Wonder

An Arab friend in the Old City of Jerusalem recently exclaimed to me excitedly, “All of Egypt is crazy (stirred) over a miracle!”

The author confirmed the validity of the miracle with a highranking Egyptian Coptic priest who lives in London. I also telephoned Cairo to confirm the validity of the recent sign and wonder, which occurred in Egypt and which was reported throughout the Middle East, even on television, according also to a reliable Egyptian pastor.

“The report of which you have heard,” said my Cairo friend, “is very widespread in Egypt. Everybody—and that certainly includes the Muslims-- is discussing it like wildfire. Some in the Church are skeptical and, in fact, have always been skeptical of miracles! But our God is well able to do these things, because there is a great, great hunger in Egypt for the reality of God’s presence and miracles.”

According to the report, an Egyptian man murdered his sister-inlaw in order to inherit family money. He decided to bury alive her children with the corpse to prevent the children from inheriting the money.

Miraculously, ten days later the two children were rescued and their uncle was apprehended. A reporter interviewed both the murderer in prison and also one of the rescued children. The following amazing details were heard in the account on television, according to an Egyptian pastor:

Two children were incarcerated in a tomb and abandoned to die by their cruel uncle. [Many poor people actually live in the mausoleums of Cairo in the so-called City of the Dead.] A passerby heard their noise and rescued them. How did they survive ten days without food and water?

To this, the older child replied, “Every evening a man came and woke up my Mother, and she would give milk for the baby. Streams of light were shining from this man. He also gave me dates to eat.” (Date pips were reportedly found in the tomb; and it is a recorded fact that many Christian monks have subsisted for years in the desert with only dates for food.)

The reporter asked, “Who was this man that could cause a dead Mother to feed her baby?”

The child answered, “ I don’t know his name, but he had two holes in his hands with blood streaming out of the holes!”

At that point, the interviewer gasped, “Do you realize you are describing the Prophet Issa (the Islamic name for Jesus)?” Suddenly, the television program was abruptly ended. Nevertheless, Egypt has not stopped talking about this miracle.

Following are comments from an Egyptian pastor who verified that the miracle was reported on television:

“The story, which potentially may have been seen by millions of people, was not repeated by the news media, which is absolutely not a surprise if you understand the Middle East. Part of the miracle is that the story was seen on TV! You have to understand that if the station doing the interview knew what this child was going to say, I seriously doubt the story would have been aired in the first place, and most likely the government cut it off immediately from airing again or getting into the papers.

“Just as you can be sure a story like this (or any of the countless miracles that our Lord does around the world) will not get into the Western press because of the liberal, ungodly media (and predictable Western skepticism even among Christians), the media of the Arab world is strictly censored, and so this report had to be a big ‘oops’ for them.

“Jesus/Isa still heals the sick, gives sight to the blind and raises the dead, at least in places where people are desperate enough to need Him and simple enough to believe Him when He shows up.

“Workers in the Middle East will tell you that most Muslims who receive Christ have had a dream, vision, or actual visitation of the Lord, enabling them to overcome the fear and oppression. This is happening by the thousands, but we're not likely to hear about it on the news.

“If nothing else, I hope people are encouraged to keep praying for the miracles, dreams and visions that confirm the life-giving Word of our Lord and Savior. Be of good cheer, He has overcome the world!”

Revival Under Father Zechariah

In a nation of more than 60 million, Egyptian Christians of different denominations comprise 10 per cent of the population. The Coptic (Egyptian Christian church) is by far the largest body of Christians in the Middle East and is a strategic key for evangelism in the region. The Copts are an apostolic church founded by St. Mark and headed by the Coptic Pope, a deeply spiritual man. The Pope can be visited at his weekly Bible studies with a question and answer session at Cairo’s Coptic Cathedral. St. Mark the Evangelist’s tomb is enshrined in Alexandria, Egypt.

All of Egypt would believe in Jesus as Lord if they were free—not just “on paper”-- to openly follow Him, according to a banished Coptic priest. Father Zechariah, leader of a Revival in Egypt and a great lover of all the peoples of the Middle East, still preaches to his beloved homeland daily via satellite from outside the country. Father Zechariah is becoming well known through his Gospel broadcasts. Pray for his daily protection!

Dressed in the long black robe of a Coptic priest and holding a wooden cross in his animated hands, Father Zechariah is a delightfully humorous, humble but bold servant of the Most High God.

During a television interview that the author conducted with Father Zechariah, he described the Revival in Egypt. It began with his thirst for God and a terrible vision of multitudes of souls plunging into Hell.

But when Father Zechariah became a priest, he did not personally know the Savior.

“I grew up in a religious family, and I must differentiate between ‘religious’ and a real believer. Routinely we would fast and go to church, and as a teenager I was asked to teach in Sunday school in our Orthodox Church. I tried to please God through fasting and personal efforts. I graduated with a B.A. from university and worked as a teacher in high school, and at the age of 59, I was ordained as a priest.

“I was motivated by great zeal like Saul of Tarsus to protect and propagate teachings of the Orthodox Church, but all of that zeal did not quench my thirst of trying to please God. When reading the Bible I always discarded verses that talked about faith, because I did not want to be associated with Protestants. In my spiritual search, I visited our country’s famous and ancient monasteries. I saw in a library 38 volumes of the teachings of our early Egyptian church fathers. My hopes were set on these teachings to find the answer to my longings. Through the help of a generous American doctor, I was able to buy the 38 volumes. So I devoted myself to searching and studying these books in the hopes of understanding salvation. Through the writings of St. Cyril and St. Clement, I came to realize that salvation is by faith through grace! Furthermore I came to understand the place for discipline and good works—that these are fruit of the Spirit—but that only Jesus could save me. As an ordained priest, for the first time in my life, I knelt down and asked Christ to come into my life as Savior and Redeemer.”

How the Revival Began

I asked Father Zechariah how the Revival began, and he gave an answer that is true to all Revivals—it began first with himself.

“I had read in the books of our early Church fathers that all believers should possess a very essential gift and anointment, that we should be anointed through the Spirit-filled life of the Holy Spirit. I started to pray, and I fasted for three days, asking God to fill me with the Holy Spirit and to use me. Before the first day of the Revival, I was alone to pray and the voice of God started a debate with me.

“Why do you want to be anointed?” the Voice asked.

“To bring people to you.”

“Are you sure this is your only motive? What about your reputation? Do you want to be known as an anointed man who wins people to God?”

“I said, ‘God, you know me well, and if I will misuse this gift, please don’t give it to me. I don’t want anything but your glory.’ Then I stopped praying since I knew that he knows I am a proud person, and so I assumed he would not bless me.”

“Do you believe I can change hearts of people to bring them to salvation?” the Voice continued to ask.

“Of course! That is why I prayed to you to change the hearts of people!”

“Can I change the hearts of people, but I cannot change your heart? If you are self-centered and you feel you are proud, why don’t you ask me to change your attitude and purify your heart?”

“Good!” Father Zechariah brightened with fresh courage, “Do that please-- purify my intentions, my heart, my everything. Do what is essential to bring people to you, and if you find me unworthy, find someone else, because the people are in need of you.”

After that soul-baring encounter, the evangelist priest experienced a horrifying vision:
“People were like sheep walking on top of a mountain and they were falling off the edge down into the valley into FIRE, FIRE,FIRE. I found myself crying, ‘Please, God, help! Don’t let those sheep go down into this fire. People are going to Hell! Send whomever you send, but please, God, save those people!’

“And that visionary experience was the key to the blessing. I praise God for his generous gift, and I believe that a power came over me, and when I went to preach, honestly, I forgot what I had prepared for the sermon. I know only the main aim was to communicate salvation, and we knew only that we want God to save the people! What I could remember very well were tears from me and from the congregation. We were weeping and crying under the influence of the Holy Spirit. And many people from that day started to repent and to ask for righteousness from Jesus, asking for the blood of Jesus Christ to purify them. And since that day the Revival started.

“As God said in the last chapter of Mark--these are good verses,” Father Zechariah noted as he quickly thumbed through his Bible to find the passage now so familiar to him, “’These signs will accompany those who believe. In my name they will drive out demons, they will speak in new tongues, they will pick up snakes; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them. They will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well. These signs will accompany those who believe, and God was proving his message by the miracles that followed.’

Muslims Visit Church to be Healed

“So I asked God to prove his message to the people. When I was going to the church one day, I found a man in the courtyard lying on the ground and crying. I told the people to bring him in the church, and I started to pray. I didn’t know at that point that God had given me a special gift for healing, so I prayed, ‘Please, God, heal your son; he’s suffering. Please help me, have mercy on him.’ Then the demon-possessed boy waked up and hugged me. He cried, ‘Thank God! I had a heavy load on my back, and now it is very light; I don’t feel anything!’ He was possessed and now healed.

After that, I found in the church many Muslims coming every day to be healed! “I moved to Cairo, specifically to Heliopolis, which the Bible tells us will be one of the five cities in Egypt that will know the language of God. There God gave us a wonderful time, a Revival for about 15 years. I did not go with the intention to reach Muslims, but God sent all these people to my church to accept Jesus Christ! The Bible predicts that God will say in the future, ‘Blessed be my people Egypt.’ Yes, we will see it. Muslims are now ready to accept the Good News of Jesus Christ if there is freedom and respect for human rights.

“There were miracles of healing the sick and exorcisms. Those who were possessed by devils were healed—sure!--because any heart empty of Christ and the Holy Spirit is vulnerable to the devil. So many of them came to be healed, and he who is healed accepts Jesus Christ! I wrote books about Christianity to make bridges. One of these books concerns the Trinity, because I found a verse in the Koran that mentions all three Persons of the Holy Trinity—God, the Word [Jesus] and the Spirit. I will illustrate with the following incident:

Visit from an Arabian Prince

“A Prince from Arabia came to meet me. God sent him to me. I told you that I don’t go to people, but God sends people to me! Just as in the Bible, Ananias was a disciple in Damascus, but God sent Saul to Damascus to him! So this Arabian prince came to me with four attendants, but he wanted to share and to speak privately. He said, ‘I was in my country and I was not sleeping. With my own eyes I saw a person come into my room with a long beard and a big cross and stand in front of me. After a while he disappeared. Who do you think that man was?’

“So first I asked him, ‘What did you think?’

“He answered, ‘In our belief we have jinn [good spirits and bad spirits—devils] and I think he was one of them—a jinn.’

“I told him, ‘According to our religion, there is no good and bad devils; all devils are bad; all of them are called Satan.’ [There are three potential sources of dreams and visions—God, one’s own self and demonic influences.]

“So I explained to him, ‘This vision was not a jinn; it is a true vision of a messenger from God, maybe a saint, coming with the Cross, saying to you that the Cross is the way.’”

The prince mused, “There is another thing I want to ask you.”

“You are welcome,” replied the priest.

“You know that I am religious, and I pray always asking for God’s help, and I have a brother who has no children. I pray always that God will give them children, and I had a dream. A voice spoke to me in the dream and asked, ‘Do you want your brother and sisterin- law to be healed?’ The voice said, ‘If you say, “In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit,” they will be healed.’ I was very afraid.”

Father Zechariah asked the prince, “Why were you afraid? Did you think the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three different gods, and you believe in only one God?”

The prince was silent. At this point Father Zechariah opened the Koran and said, “Look at this verse, found in the ‘Woman’s Chapter,’ [verse 171 in some translations], ‘Jesus Christ is the messenger of God and he is his Word and he is the Spirit of him.’ So, I tell you, God is a person, and he has a Word and a Spirit. Jesus Christ is the Word, and the Spirit is the Holy Spirit. So we believe in one God, the holy Trinity. Human beings are also a trinity-- you have a body, you have a mind and you also have a spirit—three parts in one person.”

Father Zechariah did not ask the Prince to believe in Jesus or not to believe in Jesus, but the prince pressed him, “Can I have a Bible?”

The priest answered, “Yes, welcome, but you know the Bible may be difficult to understand,’ so the prince asked me for an explanation. I gave him a commentary on the Bible that explains how to apply the verses.

“He said, ‘Thank you very much. This is precious. Where are the Psalms? Can I pray with the Psalms?’

“‘Yes!’ “

‘Is there any reward from God for praying with these?’

“‘Yes, there is every blessing in the heavens,’ I said. He was very happy.”

Jesus Heals Muslim Paralytic

The Lord was proving His presence by healing the sick and casting out devils as teams from Father Zechariah’s church visited hospitals and orphanages. As was their custom, they prayed with their Christian brethren and did not impose their beliefs on the Muslims. But there was a very spiritually hungry Muslim man in a Cairo hospital who had been injured in an accident and was paralyzed.

“While the believers from my church were praying in the hospital for a Christian, this paralyzed young Muslim man demanded with indignation, ‘Why don’t you pray for me?’

“They said, ‘We will have to ask the priest. Don’t put us in trouble because you are not a Christian.’

“So I said to them, ‘I myself will go and pray for him,’ and I went. He [Abed] said to me, ‘Those people came and prayed for that man and gave him some books. But why didn’t they give any books to me? Why didn’t they pray for me? Could they not see that I also am in need?’

“I said, ‘Because you know that we are not supposed to preach to Muslims.’

“’No!’ Abed shouted with great frustration, ‘I asked for that, and now I am asking you to pray for me and to give me those books!’

“So I prayed for him. And when I prayed for him--remember his legs were dead—they were not moving at all-- suddenly he started to move his toes!

“ ‘Look! I can feel!’ “

‘Praise God,’ I said, ‘It’s because of your faith.’”

Abed was not totally healed at this point, but the numbness had disappeared and feeling had returned to his legs.

“Where are the books?” the man demanded hungrily.

“So I gave him the Gospel of St. John. The next day he called me, ‘Please, I have finished the book. Where is the other?’

“I gave him the whole Bible, and then he asked me to send him some people to take him to our meetings. So he used to come every Tuesday and Thursday on his wheelchair, and the brothers took him back to the hospital.

“One day he came to me and said, ‘I read that a believer should be baptized, and I want to be baptized.’

“ ‘You are welcome. Come.’ I took him to the baptism room, and I prepared to put [sprinkle] water on him.”

“No!” the new believer demanded again with indignation. “Do you baptize all the people like that?”

Father Zechariah explained that they normally baptize by immersion in the Egyptian Coptic Church, but that it was too difficult to immerse a man in a wheelchair.

But Abed would not accept half measures. He wanted a proper baptism.

“He said forcefully to me, ‘I should go down in the water like all the others.’

“So we managed somehow to help him down into the baptism pool. He was baptized and came out.”

After one month Abed said to the priest, “I had a vision. You came and all the brothers and sisters came with you, and you held my hand and said to me, ‘In the name of Jesus, walk!’ and I walked twelve steps. So please come and pray.”

Abed had been paralyzed for two years and the muscles in his legs were atrophied. But Father Zechariah fulfilled the vision and commanded Abed to walk in the name of Jesus. He got up and walked exactly twelve steps and then asked again for his wheelchair.

After another month, Abed visited Father Zechariah again and announced, “Today I will walk for good. Pray for me!” So after the prayer, he left the wheelchair and rolled it back to the hospital. All the people said, ‘Why aren’t you in the chair?”

“I don’t’ need it! Jesus Christ healed me!”

“What?” the people cried. “Have you become a Christian?”

“Why not? He healed me! Why not?”

Whenever events explode like another episode in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, no matter in what country, the genuine work of the Lord will surely be challenged!

Prison Becomes a Palace

Father Zechariah insists, “We never attacked any religion or anybody because we in Christianity are honor-bound to love everybody in the world. All people are the creatures of God.” Nevertheless, he was imprisoned twice—the first time for nearly a year. He was accused of forcing people to convert: “But we never forced anybody. Sharing the Gospel is not forcing. I must do my work. According to the Bible, I must fulfill the commandment to go to all the nations, to preach, teach and baptize all the nations. So I did not do anything outside of my Bible. And God should be obeyed above all persons.”

During his first imprisonment, the evangelist priest was incarcerated with three others in a cell that measured one meter and a half by one meter and 18 centimeters with no running water, no windows—“very miserable conditions”—but “Praise God,” Father Zechariah recalled, “He gave us strength. When I was sleeping the ceiling of the cell was as high as the sky, and I also found the walls to be like a palace. On the ground it was [as if I could see] thick, beautiful carpet and the furniture was very ornate. I spent my first day in God’s palace; he transported, invited me, to stay there and after that, I did not feel the narrowness of my cell because I experienced the width of God’s palace.“

The second and last imprisonment lasted only four days: “This time they put me in solitary confinement, and they did not give me food or water. They said, ‘If you want to eat or drink you have to change your [priestly] garments and wear prison clothes.’ But because I know the law, I said, ‘I’m not charged and sentenced yet. My case is under investigation, so I have to wear my own clothes.’ They said, ‘So let your clothes give you food.’ I said, ‘Thank you, because my Father gives me food, daily food.’ But God called me to fast and to go four days without food and water, and on the fourth day the police commanded me to leave the cell.

“Suddenly the door opened and the police said, “Get your clothes and come!’

“I said, ‘I have no clothes; only what I am wearing.’ They said, ‘Then get your food and come.’ I said, “I have no food because you have given me nothing to eat or to drink for four days.’ They said, ‘Then come with yourself and let’s go.’”

Outside in the refreshing air, a high-ranking policeman ordered the priest, “Quickly, get into my car!

“Tell me, who is the man that is backing you?” the police officer pressed the priest, “because whoever he is, he is a very powerful person!”

“Yes, I know He’s powerful!”

“Who is he? Where is he?”

Father Zechariah looked out of the window of the black Mercedes to the clear blue sky and mused, “He dwells in a blue tent.” “Where’s this blue tent?” the policeman demanded.

“This blue tent,” Father Zechariah reiterated, pointing up to the expansive sky.

The faithful priest was transported to the office of the secret police who said, “Welcome. You are now an ambassador of Egypt in Australia. You are now released by the order of the President himself. Go and speak well of Egypt!”

The 19th chapter of Isaiah, quoted at the beginning of this chapter, foresees the coming national salvation of Egypt.

How will it happen that, according to the Bible, all Egypt will know the Lord? No doubt, supernatural events such as those quoted in these pages will summon the people’s attention to Jesus.

According to Revivalist Zechariah, “Egypt is open to accept the Lordship of Jesus. They are very thirsty and hungry; the only hindrance is lack of freedom. At this point, the Muslim who is converted to Christianity openly would be persecuted or killed; so they are afraid. When they come to Christ they come secretly, but there are even some now who are willing to pay the price of martyrdom.

“I believe God is blessing Egypt this way-- many people come to Christ secretly through books, Bibles, satellites, through the Internet. Muslims hear and study, and they receive Jesus into their hearts. So I believe that this secret movement will be hidden until most of the people accept Jesus Christ.

“And when they are finally open with one another, they will discover that all of Egypt has become Christian!”

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Chapter 4

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