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Miracles in the Holy Land

 Muslims are family-oriented. They are often at home and have time to chat, unlike our frenzied Western life styles when families no longer eat meals together. Arab hospitality commands them to take time with visitors. Often a considerable amount of time in friendship evangelism passes before any one can be led to Jesus. On the other hand, we must not be trapped into a mindset that inordinate time will be necessary to develop relationships before some can be saved. I have prayed with some Muslims to receive Jesus after knowing them for only a short time. Sometimes they have prayed with me to receive Jesus on the first encounter. Again, it was because the supernatural was involved.

 In Bethlehem, where we held evangelistic services, sometimes Muslims were saved immediately through supernatural signs. With others it took time to build a relationship of trust. But the supernatural was involved in every case. The Holy Spirit and the miraculous played divine roles. Otherwise, Christianity is seen to offer no life, no vitality, and is "just another religion."

 Here are some practical examples: The Lord graciously used me to lead an Arab patriarch and three of his sons to the Lord. A shop owner in Bethlehem, Abu Yosef liked to bargain. (I am not a pushover, and the Arabs enjoy that.) Abu Yosef knew I was "religious." (There is a difference, of course, between a real relationship with Jesus and professing religion. He didn’t know the difference—not yet anyway.)

 A relationship of mutual respect developed. Abu Yosef invited us for a meal during the fast month of Ramadan. (After dark, the Muslims feast, but during the daylight they must not eat or drink during Ramadan). Abu Yosef proudly presented all of his sons while his wife served tea and sweets. Arab men are named after their first-born son. He was called Abu (father of) Yosef. I asked, "Where is Yosef?"

 They hung their heads. Sadly, Abu Yosef said, "He's in prison. He's serving a life sentence for having been involved in a PLO plot in Lebanon when he was just 16 years old. He's already served 10 years. He's 26 years old now."

 He didn't speak with bitterness; he just stated the facts, and I felt the Lord's deep concern. The compassion of the Holy Spirit fell on me for this patriarch and his family.

 We must minister by the anointing. With great compassion, I asked, "Abu Yosef, may I pray for your son to be released from prison?"

 He was very pleased. He trusted me. He said, “Of course, please.”

 This is the prayer the Holy Ghost gave me, "Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ, I call Yosef from prison as a sign to this family that Jesus Christ is alive, and that His tomb is empty, and that Mohammed is still in his grave!"

 That was a bold prayer, and it certainly was not premeditated. After we left, I said to my husband, "I can't believe I prayed that prayer."

 However, when we follow the Holy Spirit, we are often led to do bold, unexpected things. We become, as it were, another person altogether. In the Bible, for example, the prophet Samuel informed King Saul, “And the Spirit of the LORD will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy . . . and shalt be turned into another man.” (1 Samuel 10: 6)

 One day I was visiting Bethlehem again. Abu Yosef ran out of his shop, chasing my car. He was ecstatic to see me.

 "Sister Christine!" he exclaimed. "Where have you been? I've been waiting to tell you something wonderful.” He summoned me into his shop.

 “Do you remember when you prayed for my son Yosef?" he shouted excitedly.

 "How could I forget?" I thought to myself.

 "Well, here he is!" the tall, robed father exclaimed, and pointed to a man whom I'd never seen sitting in a chair in the back of the shop. It was a miraculous moment to hear the story of how the Israelis had suddenly negotiated a prisoner exchange, and Yosef had been unexpectedly set free.

 The Holy Spirit fell on me again, and I boldly said, "Now, Abu Yosef, I want to remind you that your son was brought out of prison in the Name of Jesus!"

 This answer to prayer was the beginning of Abu Yosef's salvation. He began to believe that Jesus is alive and answers prayer today. And as a result of that one Holy Ghost-directed prayer, another of his sons became a believer and asked us to baptize him. We did, along with another believer from Kuwait who had been attending my Bethlehem Bible study.

 Soon after that, a second son (Munir) followed suit and became a believer. Munir had heard his family speaking about the miracles in the house meetings of Sister Christine, so Munir assumed I was a Roman Catholic nun! He knew nothing about the various denominations within Christianity or about Christian doctrine. As a Muslim, he had been told that Jesus did not die on the Cross.

 However, one night Munir dreamed about Jesus dying on the Cross! He also attended a Holy Spirit gathering at our house in Jerusalem. Afterwards he prayed with me to receive Jesus. (Munir became a very useful translator in our ministry.) Abu Yosef attended also, in addition to a refined Arab couple from Bethlehem (a doctor and his dentist wife).

Arabs Fall Down Under Holy Spirit Power

 Abu Yosef, a hajj, (one who has completed the pilgrimage to Mecca), came forward during the ministry time for healing prayer. Though not yet a believer, he was beginning to see the miracles of Jesus. He was touched by the Presence of the LORD and fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit! The doctor and his wife, Arab Christians, were softly laughing in the background.

 I later enquired why they laughed. They said they were not being disrespectful to the Holy Spirit, but that they were simply incredulous. They had never seen a hajj in a Christian meeting, let alone one coming forward for prayer for healing in the name of Jesus, and then falling down under the power!

 We Christians in the West have become almost jaded in our attitudes when we see people fall down under the power of the Holy Spirit. But this sign and wonder definitely affected Abu Yosef and intrigued his sons who became believers. To this day, they still talk about it.

 Many years later, our ministry held a healing service in Acre, in a hotel in northern Israel, and Arabs who attended also fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit when we prayed for them. We would never attempt to force people from any culture to fall down. But they were overcome by the presence of the Lord!

 Another time when I was preaching during a healing meeting on the summit of the Mount of Olives, the kavod (glory, heaviness) anointing of the Holy Spirit was so powerful that many people could not stand. Our Muslim hosts carried people out of “The Tent” venue that we had hired. A Muslim named Mohammed put his faith in Jesus that night as a result of the sign ministry of people falling down under the power of God. Mohammed said he had never seen a sign and a wonder like that in a mosque.

 The Lord manifested many unusual signs in the meetings that we held in our home in Jerusalem. The Lord always provided us with a house with an oversized sitting room so that we could invite more than 100 guests. Many unbelievers were always present.

 Remember, the Lord talks to us in pictures, dreams, and visions. The Holy Spirit, in fact, opened doors for me to preach in Bethlehem through a dream that he gave to an Arab. One day I was passing through Bethlehem with a co-evangelist. We had not visited Bethlehem for several weeks because of unrest that preceded the first Intifada. We stopped in a restaurant for lunch, and a Christian Arab named Elijah rushed in to say:

 "Christine, I had a dream early this morning that you were coming to Bethlehem and that you came to my house to minister." This was the influence of the Holy Spirit. My friend and I went straightway to his house and held an impromptu Gospel meeting among the mother, sisters, brothers and neighbours--preaching Christ and praying for the sick. That meeting took place only because of a dream given by the Lord. A woman who had not been able to conceive a child because of many miscarriages received power from the Lord to have a baby. Other healings were reported back to me, and I was greatly encouraged that the Arabs were wide open to the move of the Holy Spirit!

 We have noticed that there are certain families that are especially favored as forerunners in the coming great Revival in Islamic nations. God's hand was on Abu Yosef's entire family in a remarkable way. This next story illustrates how the Holy Spirit works, with his gifts, to draw a Muslim into the Kingdom of God. (Every conversation, every encounter, can be a milestone in a person’s journey to salvation.)

 Another of Abu Yosef's sons, Daoud, found us holding a Bible study in a restaurant on another occasion. Daoud was desperate. He rushed into the restaurant and despaired, "Sister Christine, I've got to talk to you at once. Every night for the past seven nights I've had the same dream. It's a terrible nightmare. I awoke at exactly 2 a.m. with the thought that someone is going to kill me with a knife."

 In a flash, the Holy Spirit gave me the key to win him for the Lord. [We should ask the Lord to give us the key to people's hearts.] This is what the Holy Spirit said:

 "Those dreams are from the devil. You know in your heart that you need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, like your brothers have done, but you are afraid. [For a Muslim, conversion can mean death--even from the hands of family members.]

 "A spirit of death, a spirit of murder, is intimidating you. But we will take authority over that spirit and bind it in the Name of Jesus, and you will never be troubled with it again. You also need to pray now to receive Jesus so that you will be assured of the protection of His Name and His Blood, as a rightful Child of God."

 On the spot, Daoud bowed his head and prayed the sinner's prayer to receive Jesus into his troubled heart. We also took authority over that spirit of death, and the nightmares ceased.

 The manner in which the patriarch Abu Yosef finally gave his heart to the Lord was dramatic, and again, it involved the supernatural. He had, at one point, called a family council to discuss killing Munir, who was now serving as my interpreter! Abu Yosef was old enough to be my father, and he often told his family that I was their adopted daughter. But now he was angry with me. But his wife respected me and allowed me to pray with her for various needs.

Dreams Are God’s “MO”

 One night Abu Yosef experienced a troubling dream about me. Dreams are God’s “MO” (method of operation) to speak directly to somebody with a personal communication. In this dream Abu Yosef returned to Jordan to his former work place. I came into the office. In his dream, I was an old woman. My hair was white. He was shocked to see me in that condition, and he cried out, "What has happened to you? You are like a daughter to me. Whatever it is that you need, I will help you."

 Actually, I needed no help, but the Holy Spirit used the empathetic dream to increase my favour with Abu Yosef. In his mind, after the dream, instead of being upset with me, he felt somehow responsible for my welfare, like a father of a daughter. When he heard that I was in Bethlehem, he insisted that I come to dinner at their house. He seemed no longer upset with me for having evangelized his family.

Fasting Required for Revival

 The invitation came at the conclusion of a fast to win souls. A prayerful friend who was also concerned for Abu Yosef’s soul fasted to undergird my visit. I believe our fasts were instrumental in the winning of his soul: "This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting." (Mark 9:29)

 Fasting therefore is a very powerful key to win the Muslims to Jesus. For centuries, Islam’s principality has enjoyed untold millions of Muslims fasting unto it religiously during the month of Ramadan. (And some Christians naively think they can forfeit chocolate for a day and watch that entrenched spirit yield to Messiah!) The Lord is calling His people to accomplish three-day “Esther crisis” fasts, prophet-length 40-day fasts, 21-day “Daniel fasts,” and to all sorts of corporate “relay fasts” to believe for the release of the captives.

 During the meal, Abu Yosef could only talk about the supernatural dream he had experienced about me. This preparation of his heart through a dream put him in a spiritual mood. God sends us dreams to communicate with us, just as a kindergarten teacher instructs children with pictures and storybooks. Never forget that God used a dream to rebuke Abimelech for stealing Abraham’s wife. He prepared Joseph in a childhood dream to save his people in Egypt many years later. God sent Peter and Paul to the Gentiles through dreams and visions.

 After dinner, we sat on a balcony overlooking Bethlehem while the womenfolk scurried about to serve Arabic coffee. It is unusual to talk privately with anyone in an Arabic family, because the other family members are ever-present, but, sovereignly, for ten divine minutes everyone was distracted with clearing up dishes and making coffee. Even the sons and grandchildren seemed mysteriously to evaporate.

 At that choice moment, Abu Yosef looked at me and said that he had a serious heart problem that probably required an operation. He was suffering from shortness of breath.

 This patriarch exuded dignity and a certain presence. I was a guest in his domain. The utmost politeness and deference to his feelings were in order.

 But this is the response that the Holy Spirit gave me, and I believe it is a key to Islamic evangelism:

 "I will surely pray for your heart to be healed, in Jesus' Name," I said, "but before I do that, may I ask you a question?"

 "Yes," he said emphatically.

 "Abu Yosef," I ventured, "It is one thing to pray for your heart and for you to be healed. But what good would it do if your body is healed and yet you go to Hell without assurance of salvation? Tell me, when you go to the mosque, you wash your hands and your feet. But how do you wash your heart?

 He was listening very carefully.

 I continued, "It would be impossible for you to cleanse your heart, because you would have to cut yourself open to remove your heart and to clean it, just as you clean your hands and your feet before worshipping God. It is impossible for you to wash your own heart, isn't it?"

 He said "yes" again emphatically.

 "But God has made a way for your heart to be cleansed from all sins and for us to be acceptable in God's sight. The red blood of Jesus by faith washes our dirty hearts and makes them clean and white as snow, acceptable to a holy God."

 (That phrase is very powerful. The Muslims often speak of somebody having a "white heart," meaning a good heart.)

 "This is how we obtain a white heart, a cleansed heart: Jesus died on the Cross to make an atonement for our sins. The Injil [the New Testament] teaches that after Jesus ascended to heaven, He took his own blood to heaven and sprinkled it there on the mercy seat of God.

 "Abu Yosef, can there be anything dead in heaven?"

 "No," he said.

 "The blood of Jesus is in heaven now and there is life in the blood of Jesus. Today there is still power in the blood of Jesus. When you look to Jesus by faith, his blood is able to cleanse you from all of your sins."

 There was silence as Abu Yosef pondered what I was saying. It was as if we were enveloped in a time warp. I was amazed and awed that nobody had interrupted us.

 "Would you like to pray with me right now to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and to have his blood cleanse your heart?

 "Yes," he said emphatically.

 "I will also pray for the Lord to heal your heart physically, " I added.

 This is the prayer that Abu Yosef repeated: "Dear Father in heaven, I repent of all my sins. I renounce dead religion. I now call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for you have promised in the Bible that all who call on his name shall be saved. I believe in my heart that you raised Jesus from the dead, and I now say with my mouth that Jesus is Lord! Thank you that his blood is cleansing me now, in Jesus' Name, Amen."

 "Abu Yosef, do you realize what you have done, that you now believe in Jesus Christ as your Saviour?"

 "Yes!" he said.

Then I prayed for his physical healing, because healing is the children's bread, and Abu Yosef had just become a child of God through Jesus Christ! (His doctor confirmed that he was healed.)

 After the prayer time, I asked Abu Yosef again, "Do you realize what you have just done?"

 "Yes!" he said decisively. He was a strong-willed personality who could never be coerced to do anything.

 "You now belong to Jesus?"

 "Yes!" Oh, it was marvellous to hear, such an answer to my prayers and fastings.

 Suddenly, a riotous argument broke out between two neighbouring families. Abu Yosef was distracted by the shouting and ran to the balcony rail to see what was happening. Then the women brought out demitasse cups of sweet Arabic coffee and the conversation was finished. Thank God, He had provided those ten vital minutes of peace during which Abu Yosef received Jesus.

 Later, I was meditating and wondering if Abu Yosef was reading the Arabic New Testament I had given him. Early one morning, I experienced a dream about him. It was as if the Holy Spirit was assuring me that Abu Yosef was still standing for the Lord. I saw him healed of the heart condition and back in his souvenir shop. But this time, in the dream, he was selling cakes. The white icing was decorated with the words, "Jesus is the Answer."

 Years later, Abu Yosef died, having lived out a full lifespan. The Lord gave me a poignant night vision about this pioneer out of Islam in Heaven. He was sitting alone in a white robe and kifiyeh (headdress) at a small table drinking what looked like Arabic coffee in Heaven. He spoke to me and said, “Well, Christine, I am happy to be here, but I miss many of my own people. Go and bring more of my people into the Kingdom!” I have never forgotten this night vision, and the Lord has used it to spur me onwards.

Jesus Dream of the Late PLO Chief Yasser Arafat

 A Bible teacher, R. T. Kendall (, met often with Yasser Arafat. “I began praying for Arafat daily over 22 years ago,” Kendall testified, “but I never expected to meet him. I did it because the Holy Spirit laid him on my heart and gave me a love for him. I don't know if Yasser Arafat ever felt unconditional love from many people, especially from the West, but I wanted him to feel it from me. I had one goal: to be Jesus to him.”

 Kendall, minister at London’s Westminster Chapel for 25 years, said he began praying for Arafat daily after hearing the crosscarrying evangelist Arthur Blessitt talk about his visit with the head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Blessitt said he knew for a fact that Arafat had experienced dreams about Jesus.

 Arafat, in fact, told Kendall that he experienced a dream in which “...a lamb led me to Bethlehem. There I saw the Virgin Mary holding Jesus. I kissed Jesus. When I woke up, I was so moved that I ordered a lamb to be slaughtered and taken to the priests at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem for them to have a feast."

 Kendall then said to Arafat, according to a news report, "I want you to confess that Jesus actually died on the cross for your sins. Not that he was delivered from the cross, but that Jesus actually died." When the Arab translator objected, "Arafat lifted his hand to the translator to suggest that it was all right for me to continue.”

 After he explained to Arafat the benefits of becoming a Christian, Kendall noted that the translator objected again to Kendall’s call for conversion. "I replied, 'I am only trying to get him to go public with what he already believes,'" Kendall noted. "I said to Arafat, 'Nothing else has worked. Peace [in the Middle East] will not come through a military or political solution.'" Only the Prince of Peace, Jesus, can bring ultimate peace!

 Kendall’s meetings with Arafat were arranged by the Rev. Andrew White, a canon of the Coventry Cathedral in England and archbishop of Canterbury's envoy to the Middle East. Before Arafat died, Kendall made another trip to present Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ, which was made public by the Palestinian press, who were allowed into Arafat’s Ramallah compound and took photos. Dr. Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian spokesman, translated the subtitles.

 “Dr. Erekat asked me afterwards if I noticed that President Arafat wept a number of times as he watched. I could hear him weeping but did not look at him except to whisper a few comments about the film as it proceeded. He watched the entire film along with about 30 members of the PLO and Cabinet. At the end of the film, I asked President Arafat if I could pray with him. After all in the room left, except for Dr. Erekat whom I asked to remain, I prayed with him. He made it clear he welcomed this. My sole motive in showing the film was pastoral and evangelistic. I have stressed to Arafat again and again that Jesus DIED ON THE CROSS – and was not delivered from dying on the Cross. I felt that Mel Gibson's film was therefore a potential vehicle of the Holy Spirit to drive this fact home. In my prayer (during which he took my hand and held it tight) I said, ‘Heavenly Father, I thank you for the high privilege of showing this film to President Arafat. I pray that you will apply the truth of this film by your Holy Spirit. Make both of us thankful that Jesus died on the cross for our sins,’ among other things. We had lunch, he allowed me to pray for all the PLO, walked me out and kissed me good-bye.”

 There is no evidence on record that Mr. Arafat showed fruits of repentance before he died, but another terrorist leader in the Middle East, a leader of Hamas in Hebron, was reportedly confronted by the God of Israel in a dream! This report is from a truthful, reputable high level official who works in the Middle East. In the dream, the God of Israel upbraided the terrorist and said that it would not go well with his people if the Hamas leader continued to engage in terrorism, murder and mayhem against the restored ancient people of God. This former Hamas leader reportedly had to be air-lifted out of his hometown as a result of his dramatic change of heart.

Author Dreams about Saddam Hussein

 In a recent dream, I was on a bus with Saddam Hussein, who was thin, haggard and dressed in a dirty white robe. He was being transported somewhere, and it was my responsibility to watch him and to keep him from escaping. But he didn't want to escape! He wanted to be comforted. He prayed the sinner's prayer with me! I told him, "What would it have profited you, if you had gained the whole world and lost your soul?" He agreed. He soundly repented for his evil deeds and received Jesus – yes, even this mass murderer and cruel tyrant was repentant, and asked Jesus into his heart in this vivid dream. He leaned on my shoulder and wept. Just as Saddam's cruel mentor, Nebuchadnezzar, was debased and eventually acknowledged the God of Israel, it is not impossible for Saddam Hussein to receive a revelation of Jesus! When our team visited Baghdad prior to the war, the Lord led us to remit Saddam's sins (John 20:23), just as Jesus had earlier led us in a Jerusalem prayer meeting to remit the sins of Jordan's King Hussein on the day that he passed away.



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