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"Not by Might, nor by Power, but by My Spirit!"

In phenomena that were prophesied to be characteristic of the Last Days, the Lord Jesus Christ is appearing to many men, women and children in dreams and visions, particularly in the Middle East.

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered.” (Joel 2:28-32)

God’s methods of communicating with us have not changed. Today his main method of communication is through His written Word, the Bible. But because “a picture is worth a thousand words,” the Lord still speaks to us in pictures—in dreams and visions—just as He communicated in the Bible to all ranks of  people. Through dreams and visions, God sends his children “love letters” of revelation, warning and guidance. Without a doubt, he employed the use of dreams and visions in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and he declared that he would continue to use them in the Last Days.

 In every age the Lord has granted revelations that are often inaccessible to the human intellect and are sometimes regarded simply as hallucinations, or are attributed to the infernal realm. The Bible gives clear-cut guidance to “test the spirits to see if they be of God.” The private revelations in this volume contain nothing contrary to Biblical faith and, in fact, point the Way to Jesus and are conformable to Scripture.

 Why does the Risen Lord appear differently to different people? In visions, we do not see the transfigured Lord in all of His Glory, as this would be too awesome. But He chooses according to His infinite wisdom to reveal Himself in different ways or in varying cultural aspects so that people can understand, or relate to Him, and receive Him.

A Theophany (literally, Greek for "manifestation of God") or a Christophany ("manifestation of Christ") often occurred in the Old Testament, as when Abraham entertained God for a meal (Genesis 18), or when the Lord appeared in Joshua 5: 13-15 as the captain of the heavenly armies.

 Ibrahim, a former Muslim in Egypt, experienced supernatural dreams from his childhood resulting from a habit of praising God and asking for guidance before bedtime. A believer gave him a copy of the Injil (the Gospels), and he was arrested by a verse in Acts 1: 10 where angels announced that the Ascended Jesus will return in clouds in the same manner that He departed.

 Concerning that very verse, Ibrahim had been experiencing recurring dreams such as Muslims are experiencing all over the world:
“I was surprised to see clouds gathering on top of a mountain. After the clouds gathered, two angels dressed in white robes stood on top of the mountain, and Jesus was standing between them. He left the angels and came to where I was watching. As He approached me, I knelt down, and He laid His hands on my head. With the deep love I felt for Him, I began to repent. The dream was so powerful to me, but in the morning I told no one for fear of what my family would do to me. I remained silent for that year, telling no one what I had experienced.

 "A year later I had the same dream, but this time, Jesus was trying to walk past me. I begged Him not to pass me by, and again I knelt down and repented. But I remained silent because of my fear.

 “In the third dream which came yet a year later, as I looked upon the face of Jesus on the mountain top, He was full of compassion and was smiling down upon me. The two angels were absent this time, but instead a vast multitude of people was present. We were going to where Jesus was, full of peace and joy. The next morning, I sat down to meditate upon this most recent dream. After three years, I finally made an important decision to follow this Jesus who appeared to me these three times in such overwhelming love. The Lord spoke to me as I read the Gospel of John, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.’ This verse provided a bridge between myself and Jesus, and I placed my full trust in Him.

 As a minister called by God to the Middle East, I, too, have seen the Lord.

Middle-Eastern Jesus Appears to Western Girl

As a very young child, I was very ill and almost died. My Mother said that I had lost all of my hair, suffered from rheumatic fever and was wasting away. One of my earliest childhood memories was the Lord Jesus appearing to me in an open vision. But unlike some Sunday School pictures of a “Western Jesus,” this Christophany was a Middle Eastern Man with long dark curly hair, brown compassionate eyes and Mediterranean complexion. He was wearing a green and white stripped Biblical robe. From His appearance, He could have been a Jewish King or a Middle Eastern sheik; He was definitely Semitic. I believe He knew that I would one day live in the Bible lands. He said with warm compassion, "You are going to be healed.

" I was fearful and awed by the vision and momentarily turned my head to the side. When I looked again, He was gone, but I was healed! To this day I am blessed with vigorous health and travel throughout the world for Jesus!

 Many years later when I was interceding for the Mideast, I saw the Lord again in a vision. I beheld His sacred wounds, which remain open, so that His stripes and wounds continually heal us by faith. The stigmata (marks) Jesus still bears are evidence of the penalty He paid for our sins and sicknesses so we do not have to bear them. He accomplished a perfect Atonement. What a Savior! What a Healer!

 I also saw the whip that was used to tear His flesh when the Roman soldiers scourged Jesus. To my surprise, in the vision my hand was holding the whip! This was because my sins and sicknesses were the cause of His sufferings. (We must all recognize ourselves as accomplices in the death of Jesus, because it was our collective sin that killed Jesus. Evangelist Mel Gibson, who produced the film “The Passion of The Christ,” understood this concept. In the film, Gibson’s hand drove the nails into the Savior at the Cross.)

 In my vision of the wounded Jesus, He pulled me to Himself with the cords of the whip, and as I embraced Him, His precious blood oozed through my fingers. In the vision, He also placed my hands into His side, pierced by a Roman soldier. He prophesied with great might and urgency into my ear: “Pray for the sick! Pray for the sick!" I have not been disobedient to this heavenly vision and have prayed for the sick in every nation that the Lord has sent me and I have seen Him do the same miracles TODAY!

 As the Holy Spirit continues to outpour visions of the Risen Lord, very prominent in these visions are the wounds of His sacrifice on the Cross.

 It is notable that “Doubting Thomas” demanded to see the marks of Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice. He might have asked for some other sign or proof of the Resurrection, but for Thomas the “print of the nails” and the wounded side would seal his faith. It is also interesting that even though Jesus’ death was vindicated and He now exists in a glorified body, the wounds of His crucifixion remain in His body for Eternity.

 Even today Jesus is revealing His sacred wounds to the people of the Middle East. Having been buried alive, an Egyptian child who was rescued testified that a supernatural Man had sustained him—a Man with bloody holes in his hands. There is only one Person in the world who fits that description—Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Outpouring of Visions Helps Us to Share the Gospel

As Islam becomes more conspicuous in the West, Christians are increasingly coming into contact with Muslims. Often we feel inadequate and overwhelmed in our attempts to share our faith. But if we will ask our Muslim acquaintances if they have experienced dreams or visions about Jesus, chances are more than not, we will be amazed at their positive response! Supernatural dreams and visions currently being outpoured amongst Muslims open doors to share the Gospel of Jesus. Their dreams are preparatory and often inconclusive, offering clues or “bait” that need an evangelist or a bold believer to explain the way of salvation through faith in Jesus.

 Most of the Muslims I’ve approached this way respond positively. Recently a Muslim drove me on a 45-minute taxi journey from Jerusalem to the airport. He was very talkative so I asked him if he had ever experienced a dream or vision about Jesus.

 “Strange that you should ask!” he answered, “Just last week I had a dream about a man in a bright robe whom I assumed was Jesus. I was confused about why I should dream about Jesus and not about Mohammed since, after all, I’m a Muslim.” Thus his own experience in the realm of the supernatural enabled me freely to share the Gospel all the way to the airport and to pray with him. I also gave him a copy of “The Jesus Visions.” What an entrée! The Lord is setting up many such opportunities.

 Every church seems to be offering courses on what Muslims believe and how to reach them. It is all rather overwhelming to the average Christian. But, very simply, Muslims can be reached through yielding to the anointing of the Holy Spirit! He desires to impart to many in these Last Days the gift of evangelism for the unreached Muslim bloc. Effective evangelism will not be through argument or through an extensive knowledge of the Koran, but through the power of love and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It has rightfully been said that arguments produce sceptics, but love makes saints.

 Muslims will increasingly figure prominently in prophetic events destined to occur in the End-Time generation before the Second Coming of Jesus. Today Muslims are building mosques all over the Western world. There are mosques in Rome, the center of Catholicism, and in Geneva, the citadel of Protestantism. The Queen of England, the head of the Anglican Church, officially cut the ribbon at the opening of the mosque in London's Regent's Park. British Muslims have made no secret out of the fact that they intend to conquer Britain. In France, Muslims outnumber Protestants two to one. At the dedication of a mosque in Paris, the message of the Second Vatican Council was stressed: [The Church] "looks with respect upon Mohammedans, since they believe in God" (Source: "The Unholy War" by Marius Baar.) Yet to build a Christian house of worship in an officially Muslim country is a near impossibility. The Muslims are not as cooperative as naive Western leaders.

 Mecca, the most revered Muslim city, is totally closed to "infidels." As believers in Christ, we are not allowed to set foot in Mecca. Yet Christians once dwelt in Mecca, and Jesus Himself appears in open visions frequently in Mecca and elsewhere in Saudi Arabia!

 North Africa was once also a bastion of Christianity. The spread of the Church in the Middle East and North Africa was strong enough to endure crushing persecution from the Roman Empire. Many famous Christian leaders, such as Origen and Augustine, were native sons of the North African church. It was an evangelizing church.

 In the lands that first experienced and preached Jesus, the greatest defeat and reversal in the history of the Christian faith has occurred. Our generation must reclaim lost territory! However, this will never be accomplished without Holy Ghost evangelism. Many devout ambassadors for Christ have laboured for years, not only in unripe harvest fields, but also without the promised baptism of the Holy Spirit. Consequently they have enjoyed little results.

 Yet there are others who preach with an anointing of the Holy Spirit and with the gifts of the Spirit. Veiled women have instantly raised their hands to receive Jesus after witnessing testimonies of healings of breast cancer and other miracles. In a recent Gospel campaign in Pakistan, the author was thrilled that a blind Muslim woman was healed. She came onto the platform to testify of regaining her sight after a terrible accident. Her Muslim Mother verified the miracle and said publicly that Jesus had healed her daughter! A man working in the fields had not intended on attending our meeting, but he told me on the platform, “I was compelled to come when I saw seven huge angels guarding your tent!” That was a special joy for me to hear, since I had that many armed guards in the natural!

 Muslim miracles also multiply under the ministry of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in Africa. After witnessing the Lord's miraculous healing power, many Muslims have boldly testified from Reinhard’s platform that Jesus is the Son of God. The Lord heals Christians because of the Bible’s covenant of healing. He also heals non-Christians because of His mercy--and because healing is a sign and a wonder attesting to the Lordship of Jesus!

 God delights in choosing the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Women in Muslim societies enjoy little authority and practically no rights. (The Koran sanctions wife beating in Sura 4). Yet God will anoint not only men but also women to reap a harvest in the House of Islam! He will choose the foolish and weak vessels to confound the wise in Islam.

 Among women evangelists to the Muslims, "Shaeeda," Jenny de Mayer, one of my heroines of the faith, was a pioneer. Unable to journey any further than Jeddah with the Gospel, in 1920, she prophesied to the gates of Mecca, "How long, O God? How long before the Gospel of Jesus is proclaimed in Mecca?”

 Since my childhood, I have been fascinated with the Sahara regions of Africa and with the desert peoples of Arabia. Even when I saw the painting of a camel, pyramids and palm tree on "Camel" cigarette advertisements, something in my spirit was attracted--not to smoking, but to the camel's domain. The patriarchs of the Bible and Lawrence of Arabia held a fascination for me. The Lord transplanted our family in Jerusalem, where a unique door opened for me to preach to groups of Israeli soldiers twice a week as they visited Christ Church inside the historic Jaffa Gate. Many signs and wonders happened. A Sephardic woman bent over double was healed on Prophets’ Street. A Palestinian man with terminal lung cancer was healed. Dreams and visions abounded in our work. An orthodox Jewish man dressed in the typical ghetto black garb prayed with me not far from the Western (Wailing) Wall. I held meetings inside the Old City and was allowed by the Jewish jail keeper to preach in the jail at the Jaffa Gate police station every week.

 I was privileged and very content to minister to the wounds of the Jewish people for the sake of God Almighty and his End-Time purposes. To witness the Jewish people return to the Lord in these Last Days is God's greatest vindication. It is proof of the validity of the Scriptures and of the Lord, who declares the end from the beginning, and who said that in the Last Days he would regather his ancient Jewish people from the four corners of the earth. He promised that he would bring them back to their own land eventually to call on the Messiah. This, in turn, would unleash dynamic, resurrection life for the Church. What an event! What a vindication! Anyone who cherishes in his heart this desire for Israel’s redemption truly loves God and his honor.

 But God also greatly enlarged my heart for the other children of Abraham, the Ishmaelites. (Usually Gospel messengers to the Arabs absorb the Arabs' offence and enmity against the Jews, and emissaries to the Jews are not always sympathetic toward Arabs.)

 Nevertheless, God enlarged my heart with a desire to minister to all the children of Abraham—Jews, Arabs and the spiritual seed of Abraham-- the former Gentiles who are grafted into the Church. The Lord granted me the capacity to love them equally. Though drawn to the Jews because of their covenant relationship with God, I was equally drawn to the Arabs. The Lord opened my eyes and I began to see that if the Arabs could be won to God, then his holy purposes would be furthered. I identified with Abraham’s prayer that Ishmael might live. I saw the Muslim's desperate need of a Savior because they, like the Jews, are heavily laden with Law. God consequently opened a door through my great friend George Otis to preach every day on the radio throughout the Middle East (the “Voice of Hope” in Lebanon). I received letters from behind the Islamic curtain. I began to preach in Arab homes and in Bedouin tents, in open fields and even from the rooftops in dangerous places.

 Through a dream, God called me to Israel to stand with the lonely Jews when the entire world turns against them prior to Messiah’s return. Later, also through a dream, God called me to Arabia, where I became involved in one of this generation’s most supernatural Revivals in the territory of the Mideast Principality! In short, I was flabbergasted at the Arabs’ openness to the Gospel. It was as if they were just dying for someone to reach them with the Good News that there is a Savior!

 God opened the eyes of Ishmael’s mother Hagar to behold water in the desert!

“And God heard the voice of the lad; and the angel of God called Hagar out of heaven, and said unto her, What aileth thee, Hagar? Fear not; for God hath heard the voice of the lad where he is. Arise, lift up the lad, and hold him in thine hand; for I will make him a great nation. And God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water; and she went, and filled the bottle with water, and gave the lad drink. (Genesis 21:17-19)

 The Lord also opened my eyes with a great desire to give Ishmael a deep drink of Living Water from the Savior in the sands of Arabia!

 Although I had already been ministering among the Jews and Muslims of the Middle East, God handed me a new commission in Mombassa, Kenya, to go to the House of Islam in North Africa with the Reinhard Bonnke Christ for all Nations (CfaN) team. I said to God, "How can this be? I have a covenant with you for Israel and the Palestinians!" (When you make a covenant with God, he always graciously overfulfills it!) The Lord said to me, "If you will be not only obedient but willing to go to the House of Islam, we'll talk later about Israel. It is not yet harvest time for Israel. You must now go to the House of Islam. Will you be not only obedient but willing?"

 I quickly adjusted my thinking and said, “Yes.” (Sometimes we are like Jonah who was eventually obedient but not willing in his heart.)

 "OK, Lord, but please confirm this call. I'm a wife and a mother and I'm very fair-skinned. You know that hot countries and I don’t really mix! You are always calling me to hot countries! And how can this be since I know no man?"

 He said, "I will confirm it, ‘And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. ‘ “ (Luke 1: 45)

 At the time, I was attending Reinhard Bonnke's meetings in Mombassa, where Islam entered East Africa. After one of the evening meetings, eight Muslim women dressed in black from head to toe wandered onto the grounds. They had missed the sermon. When I saw them, for a moment, I thought I was back in Jerusalem. I was so happy to greet them that I asked if I could share about Jesus. I had time to preach only a five-minute sermon because my transportation was ready to depart. Then I asked if they wanted to receive Jesus. They all said, “Yes!” I led them in a very thorough sinner's prayer—their understanding of English was excellent. They said they believed in their hearts that Jesus was raised from the dead (which is something that Muslims are taught not to believe). And they confessed with their mouths that Jesus is Lord. Afterwards I exclaimed happily, "How wonderful that all of you have received the Lord Jesus together! Are you friends?"

 "No," said one of the women. "We are eight blood sisters." I was amazed. Usually it takes time to build trust before a Muslim will pray the sinner's prayer to receive Jesus. And for eight sisters to confess Jesus all at once-- this is most unusual.

 That night the Lord said, "What more confirmation do you need that I am calling you to the House of Islam?" I remembered also that eight is the number of new beginnings.

 Humanly speaking, I am not qualified to preach to the House of Islam. I am a woman, a despised Westerner educated as a journalist. I am not an Arabist. I cannot read the Koran in the Arab language. But Reinhard Bonnke also taught that God has a habit of anointing unprofessionals to accomplish a task. It's the un-anointed professionals who often go to a field and accomplish little. I have observed through the years that God absolutely delights in granting territorial authority to persons of different nationalities to accomplish his purposes. He will choose a German like Reinhard Bonnke and give him territorial authority in Africa. He will call African preachers to Britain and the former Soviet Union and elsewhere. He will pick up a girl like me from the American South and plop her down in the Middle East! He will transplant a British man like Hudson Taylor in China, and he will choose a Chinaman like my friend “The Heavenly Man,” Brother Yun, to carry the Gospel back to Jerusalem!

 God desires to impart the gift of faith for the House of Israel and the House of Islam to all the Church. He is able to reveal Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach in Hebrew) to the chief rabbi or Yesua Al Mesia (Jesus the Messiah in Arabic) to the chief mullah in any city whenever He so desires!

 Humanly speaking, Islam is formidable. But Christians for too long have used fear or other excuses not to evangelize the Muslims. True, Islam acknowledges Jesus as a prophet, but it denies the very heart of the Gospel. Islam denies the Death, the Sonship of Jesus and the Resurrection. And since Islam is a universalistic religion with a missionary spirit, it will fight back. Therefore we must determine in our hearts not to be fearful if we plan to serve the House of Islam, our Muslim neighbors.

 What are our advantages and benefits? The Name of Jesus, the authority He has given us in His name. Our testimonies and the blood of Jesus. "And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives until death." (Revelation 12: 11)

 Do you believe that Jesus is able to win the Muslims? I have found too few in the Church—and especially in the Eastern Church in the Middle East—who will dare to believe that the Muslims will confess Christ.

 A Saudi sheik's daughter was dying. No hospital could help her. His money could not save her through specialists. Then the family's Filipino Christian maid humbly asked if she could pray for the girl in the Name of Jesus. The daughter was healed, and the family believed, and reportedly has a house church in Saudi Arabia, the bastion of Islam! “And upon my handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit."

 So nothing is impossible with God. A book published about a Muslim missions conference contained a photograph of the dry, barren Saudi sands. In the sand a believer had drawn the name "Jesus" in very large letters as a sign of His claim on all nations, even Saudi Arabia. That photo affected me profoundly. It is still working in me deeply today.

 Without thinking it through, one time a Western “Christian” asked me, “Why do you preach to the Muslims? They all believe in God!” That person’s question displayed a typical ignorance of the Gospel. The Bible teaches that “all have sinned” (Romans 3:23) and that the eternal consequences of our sin is death—“For the wages of sin is death.” (Romans 6: 23) Furthermore, the Bible teaches that there is NOTHING that a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, cultural Christian, atheist, etc., can do to save himself, but God’s love has made a way! “God commended his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.” (Romans 5: 8-9) However, we must place our faith in Jesus in order to receive God’s complete forgiveness, “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” (Romans 10: 9)

 But how will people know the Truth without a preacher? The Lord Himself has been preaching and showing Himself alive to many Muslims-- and Jews-- through healings, through dreams and through visions. This book will continue to chronicle these amazing accounts. May your faith be greatly stirred to realize that our God is not standing by idly in these momentous Last Days, but he is mightily at work pouring out his Spirit through supernatural signs and wonders!

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