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Read " The Jesus Visions " in English ¥‚±£ ƒت§¨ " ±¤‰ §„…³ي­ " ¨§„„غ© §„¹±¨ي©
Who is Jesus? …† ‡ˆ §„…³ي­؟
Where will you spend your eternity? §ي† ³ت…¶‰ §¨¯يتƒ؟
Can you interpret my dream of Jesus? ‡„ ت³ت·ي¹ˆ§ تف³ي± ­„…‰ ¹† ي³ˆ¹؟
Nightmares harass me. Can you help? §„ƒˆ§¨ي³ ت¹°¨†‰ ف‡„ …† ¹„§¬؟
My Moslem friend saw Jesus. Can I help? µ¯ي‚ …³„… ±§‰ ي³ˆ¹. ƒيف §³§¹¯‡؟
I need prayers for a condition in my life. §­ت§¬ §„µ„§© „¸±ˆف ف‰ ­ي§ت‰ 
As a female I feel I am a second class person. ƒفت§© §ˆ ³ي¯© §´¹± §††‰ §†³§†© …† §„¯±¬© §„«§†ي©
Your comments about the book ±§يƒ ف‰ §„ƒت§¨

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